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For that special someone born on the 15th of January

Here’s your official Zodiac-Intensity Report brought to you
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Being born on the 15th day of January means that you were obviously born under the Sun sign of CAPRICORN.
CAPRICORN is known as The Steady Structurer among zodiac signs.
Do you like bringing structure to a situation? Would you consider yourself a good planner?
Capricorn is also known to be well disciplined, but a bit too restrained at times.
Being born on the 15th day of January means that you were also born outside the core of Capricorn and were born within one week (five days to be exact) of being an Aquarius.
So, you are likely to share some of the traits of an Aquarius and should consider yourself as a “Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius.”
Aquarius is known as “The Friendly Futurist” among zodiac signs.
Do you consider yourself as being a friendly person? Do you like to try new things?
Aquarius is also known to be very futuristic, but easily detached at times.
Being on the cusp of Aquarius, you may display those tendencies every so often.
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That’s your Zodiac-Intensity Report!
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